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<i>Virtual Reality Rehabilitation at its best.</i>

Virtual Reality Rehabilitation at its best.

We help rehabilitation centres to make a real difference. Improved adherence, effectiveness and satisfaction for users.
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Dramatically expand your patient-base.

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Bended allows you to offer your therapies even to those who can't reach your clinic. Long-distance assistance, is now available.

Each one of your patient will feel as he is in person at your building.

You and your team will be able to constantly monitor remotely progress and adherence to therapy through access to real time data, with the possibility to give feedback to your patients.

A tailored patient rehabilitation

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A stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is interrupted or reduced, preventing brain tissue from getting oxygen and nutrients.

Brain cells begin to die in minutes. A stroke is a life threating medical emergency, and prompt treatment is crucial. After this, in survived patients motor and cognitive function may be severely compromised and prompt, effective rehabilitation programs are fundamental in their health-care process in the perspective of sign ad symptoms reduction and improvement
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Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a potentially disabling disease of the central nervous system.

The immune system attacks the protective sheath (myelin) that covers nerve fibers, interrupting prompt transmission of the nerve electric signal causin communication problems between the brain and the rest the body. Signs and symptoms of MS vary widely and may include issues to voluntary movements affecting its fundamental components like strength, control and coordination. Rehabilitation treatments can help to manage these symptoms increasing the quality of life for affected patients
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Parkinson's disease

Parkinson's disease is a progressive disorder that affects the nervous system.

The main pathological characteristics of PD are cell death in the brain's basal ganglia (affecting up to 70% of the dopamine-secreting neurons in the substantia nigra pars compacta by the end of life). As a result, patients become affected by several neurological problems including tremor, stiffness or slowing of movement. Rehabilitation therapies, together with medications, might significantly improve symptoms and life quality.
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Bended solutions are certified as a medical device, class I, in the European Union.
Our system has been tested in several hospital and rehabilitation facilities all over the world with more than 1.500 rehabilitation sessions already performed on patients
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A patented and feature-rich solution

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VR Headset
A device with exergames, to be played by people in need for physical (upper limbs) and/or cognitive rehabilitation; Telerehabilitation exercises are made more engaging by being executed at home in a gaming fashion, thanks to immersive VR technology. The provided variety of exergames allows for a deep customization tailored to patient’s needs.
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Web Platform
This cloud-based solution represents an intuitive tool for clinicians to manage patient’s electronic records, monitor rehabilitation performance in real time, communicate with the patient, and being automatically notified of possible risks or abnormal values.

Key features

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Ease of use

Easy-to-handle management of rehabilitation schedules, with the option to assign custom exercises based on the need of each patient, and the ability to consult their data and monitor their progress.
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Turn on and play

No hardware or software installation. All-in-one VR device without cables to reach the maximum level of comfort. Immediate and intuitive access to the entire exergame library, with progressive upgrades.
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Fun and entertaining library of rehabilitation exercises, constantly updated, and able to guarantee the patients’ engagement and adherence, thus adding more value to the therapeutic progress through gaming.
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Better rehabilitation, better results

A good and continuous rehabilitation activity is capable of boosting substantially patients’ chances of recovery or disease management.
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Mirror Therapy

ReLabVR incorporates the Mirror Therapy approach in most of the exergames. This is particularly relevant for the rehabilitation from neurodegenerative diseases, where playing with a mirrored arm stimulates the recovery of the affected limb. 
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Realtime verification

Our system gives you the possibility of a real time control of your patients during their rehabilitation sessions with accurate real time data about number of session performed, time duration, session completed/incompleted, clinical stats and many other features.


Rehabilitation centres should help people improving physical and cognitive abilities. We help you to improve and enhance your offer of rehabilitation services with wide benefits.

For the clinicians

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A complete medical record to manage the patients’ data
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A protected teleconsultation platform
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Customized rehabilitation schedules and exercises based on each patient’s specifics
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Real time monitoring of statistics and progress
The web platform of ReLabVR offers clinicians a complete platform to manage patients. It is possible to assign single exercises or entire schedules, and to adjust in detail their length and difficulty level. Quick access to the users’ data and the private message system allow to adjust activities and communicate with the patient without needing to use other apps or physically being in the same place.

For the patient

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All-in-one wireless device. No PC, smartphones or other devices needed
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Engaging exercises thanks to the gamification approach
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“No hands” use
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Maximum comfort and wearability, even for those wearing glasses
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The ReLabVR headset and exergames are an intuitive and comfortable system, requiring no cables, computers or other connected devices. The helmet can be used in any environment, at home or in a clinical setting, by patients with any degree of disability or wearing glasses. A simple support in wearing the headset could be needed by a family member or friend at home. The advanced detection for the upper limbs allows the user to move his hands freely. 

A rich and rewarding experience

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No hardware or software to install; a wireless all-in one VR device. Easy and intuitive access to all exercise library.
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Easy management of remote therapies. Bended will allow the clinic to assign specific exercises based on patient needs. The doctor will be able to check results via dashboard and statistics.

Clinical efficacy

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Our solution is integrated in the general prospective of serious games administered through virtual reality that scientific community has recognized reliable in terms of higher chance of obtaining significant clinical outcomes like movement speed, upper-limb function and dexterity, gait, balance1. Several studies have shown how through utilization of a virtual reality rehabilitation approach, positive health outcomes have been obtained in patients affected by multiple sclerosis, Parkison’s disease and stroke. Moreover, our system is designed to offer a tailored approach for each patient according to the type of the aforementioned pathologies that, even sharing common signs and symptoms, are characterized by peculiar and defined needing due to different pathophysiological processes.
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